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 Post subject: Teenage Bunnies + Old Barn Cat = Morning Insanity
New postPosted: June 15th, 2012, 5:34 pm 
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Location: High Desert Near Reno Nevada
We have (too many) rabbits, which appear this time of year in the high desert NW of downtown Reno. Our "lawn" is zero-scape, that is sand and desert plants. My next door neighbor wants to make the water company rich, so he has grass. This is where the bunnies come to eat. Usually they eat at dusk, several adults and two "teenagers".

Each morning my wife (a news hound) opens the front door, checks for "game", and if the coast is clear, heads for the driveway with Sharky (see pix to left) stalking behind, for the morning paper. This morning things took and unpleasant turn. Halfway to the driveway, behind a bush, Sharky spots the juvenile rabbit. Then:

1. Sharky grabs the bunny and dashes in the front door.
2. Wife runs in after shouting at Sharky.
3. Sharky drops rabbit in living room.
4. Rabbit bolts away.
5. Sharky chases bunny and grabs him again.
(Repeat 2, 3, 4, 5 three more times.)
6. I make a lunge for the cat, go ass over teakettke, Sharky runs into the bedroom, rabbit runs (we think) out the front door.

We break out the LED flashlights and conduct a thorough search, under and behind everything in the house. We conclude bunny did run out the front door. An hour later, on the phone, telling the story to one of our daughters, Sharky wonders to the opposit end of the house to the guest bedroom, and comes running out with the bunny. (repeat 2, 3, 4) This time bunny runs into tiny guest bathroom. I follow him in and close the door. After a short game of tag behind the toilet, I'm able to grab him. I take him to the neighbor's grass and release him. He takes off like a bat out of .......

And he (Sharky) looks so regal in the pix (left) next to his grand piano. ;)

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 Post subject: Re: Teenage Bunnies + Old Barn Cat = Morning Insanity
New postPosted: June 15th, 2012, 8:10 pm 
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Reminds me of something that happened to us a few years ago. My story is entitled
The Birds: A Novella in Three Parts. It is long but riveting.

Part One
When I got home today, the first thing I heard was a chirp and repeated scratching against metal. I knew there was a bird in the air conditioning closet. I figured he got in by way of the vent on the roof. Harry got home and set out to catch himself a bird. He was successful in capturing a young I-don't-know-what. He said sparrow, but it had a yellow bill and a ruff of some kind on the top of the head. He set the baby free outside, hoping that it would not become dinner for one of the Mediterranean cats in the neighborhood.

Part Two
We hear more chirping and ruffling about coming from the air conditioning closet. Harry opens the grating below the door and sees a larger version of the baby he had just rescued. He fashions a bird-catcher from a Tupperware strainer and a cookie sheet and manages to get this bird out as well. He releases it, but sadly, it seems injured. It flies into the next yard and chirps mournfully.

Part Three
I begin cooking, ironically, chicken on the grill. Harry informs me that he hears another bird in the closet. I am sure he is kidding me, but, alas, he's not. I hear the chirping and rustling, too. He opens the door and sees another of the same kind of bird cowering in the back of the closet. Once again, he uses his now famous bird-catcher contraption (patent pending) to catch yet a third bird. This one is feisty and flies away immediately once Harry releases it.

We speculated that this family had somehow managed to work their way down the vent pipe and got trapped in the bowels of our AC closet.

As I was sitting on the deck tending to my chicken, I saw the 2 older birds walking in my neighbors' yard, no doubt looking for the baby. I espied some of the Mediterranean cats playing on the side of the house.
(Cue ominous music)
I don't think we were the only ones eating poultry tonight.

The End


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 Post subject: Re: Teenage Bunnies + Old Barn Cat = Morning Insanity
New postPosted: June 15th, 2012, 8:53 pm 
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Great stories, both of them. And Aloit, good to see you.

When we lived SE of Reno near Stagecoach, we had a xeriscaped (locally known as "zeroscaped") front yawd with a few flowuhs, lawns and gardens and RainBird automatic system in back, and "issues" with jack rabbits in front and with cottontails and chipmunks (technically ground squirrels) both front and back.

The front "lawn" was landscaping fabric covered with six inches of fist-size river rock from the yard just down US50 near Dayton.

I told Missus Chawlie we shouldn't kill the pair of king snakes we fount in'na gawdins, but she was freaked, so we lost our natural defense against rodents and rattlers, and had to choot 'em.

I never told her about the rattlers, but when it came to chipmunks and those pesky wabbits, she got to be a better shot with the pellet gun than I ever was, but only if she was really steamed, like when Alvin was digging up the tulips I brought from Amsterdam. Don't mess wit' her flowuhs!

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