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 Post subject: Food News: What Are YOUR Preferences?
New postPosted: November 14th, 2017, 6:40 pm 
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Care to share?

It goes without saying, but I'll say it any way, We food lovers, especially with this www thing, have multiple sources at Our very fingertips for news about food.

But Me myself, and I? I I prefer printed news-- and especially printed food news.

I am a dyed-in-the-wool lover of newsprint. Trouble is, We are seeing a rapidly-diminishing collective offer of the printed word. Alas!

Reasons being mainly (I'll get to the point in a few) due to labor costs and the very high costs of paper goods: With all of the random -- and often greed-induced -- clear cutting of Our timbers, a growing number of publishers of newsprint are opting for this electronic "press."

But Holy Guttenburg, Batman! I need to have some papers in my hands, especially when it comes to food. Oh, I would think that the technology is being deployed of on-line food news, replete with photo displays. But, selfish me (on this matter, wants to peruse Stuff and Thangs in print! Please. Please?

Every since I fell in love with words, I knew I wanted to do something in Life's works that had to do the news media.

The things about the printed press is that aside from laffing my Azz off at that meddling cat, Heathcliff, I could also rewind to those days by doing some things these days: Going into the ice box, and fixing me a sho'nff sammich: A Dagwood!

Hey, I realize I'm likely preaching to the choir; but I must press on!

And speaking printed news, mostly about food, is a fave, The Gambit (Hmmm? Am I right that it is now called The Gambit Weekly?

With all due respect to those here and their amazing pix, I must report, once again, that, I'm hoping for some more years of the printed press.


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 Post subject: Re: Food News: What Are YOUR Preferences?
New postPosted: November 14th, 2017, 11:40 pm 
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Spoiler alert! As you have seen, this post is rather long-winded, or should I say long-fingered? Once in a while I get rewound and in the mood to share. A lot. Hope y'all are entertained by my reminiscences, or at least not too bored.

I, too, prefer to read words printed on paper; however, even when I actually had a full-time home in which to keep the printed word, as well as my current home to anchor my traveling lifestyle, I found myself without adequate resources to handle all the tons of written material I wanted to keep.

In my bachelor days, mostly the 1980s and early 90s, most of my quarterly vacations were in the Far East, on the premise that my trips would be to places easy to get to from the sandbox but harder to get to from home. I would begin in Bangkok, where tickets are very reasonably priced, and various ways to relax and decompress are abundant. My friendly British travel agent would provide world class service, first by telex (yes, I'm dating myself), then fax, and later by email, planning trips throughout that quadrant of the globe and sending details for my advance approval. She would have ready, upon my arrival, airline tickets and hotel vouchers for such destinations as Nepal, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, and the Philippines, in addition to various locations in Thailand. Oh, and often trans-Pacific trips home, too. Thai Airways used to fly Bangkok-Tokyo-Seattle-Dallas/Ft.Worth, about 22 hours of Royal Orchid Service (more like 24 on the trip back), with great food, open bar, and plenty of room to stretch out in empty seats in economy class.

But I digress. To get back on point, during my vacations in Bangkok, I would stop by Asia Books and buy, quite literally, a big shopping bag full of paperbacks, maybe a couple dozen or so, not only for the immediate vacation but also for the months until my next vacation. One time on the way home I sprang for a new Tom Clancy hardcover, and when my mother saw me reading it, said she had bought it for me for Christmas, so we would have to go back to Lakeside and exchange it for something I didn't already have. There was really no way to keep them all, so I would swap, lend and never see them again, donate them to the company library, or just give them to friends.

In addition to loading up on paperbacks, Bangkok in those days offered several free weekly tourist magazines, available at airports, hotels, restaurants, and tourist shopping areas, with about one-third tourist information and two-thirds advertisements, and on the whole very informative. It's a shame that those are no longer published. In those days there were two English language broadsheet morning newspapers, the Post and the Nation, and one tabloid afternoon paper, the now defunct World. Now the papers are no longer as tourist oriented, having fired veteran entertainment editor Bernard Trink.

I lament that I had no way to keep all of that printed material, whether books, newspapers, or magazines. I miss a lot of that stuff.

Nowadays I'm a Kindle user, and not just the ereader kind but the type that does email, web browsing, other applications, and generally more than my first personal computer. I have over 1,400 ebooks, mostly on the cloud, but a hundred or so on my tablets. (I have two, an old one that's fast and thin but no longer in production, and a newer one that is somewhat disappointing, both 7", small enough to fit in cargo pants pockets.) Many ebooks are old favorites, some from high school daze, that I have gone back and bought on the cheap. The best of them, however, still command stiff prices even after twenty to fifty years.

A friend send me a link to a site called, which sends me a daily email list of books that sell for $4.99, $3.99, $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or free. I am steadily accumulating a backlog of free reading material. Many of them are loss leaders, part of a series whose other books aren't free, probably the least popular book in the series, but they have to be really good for me to spend even $0.99 for anything in the rest of the series.

If there is an article I like from a newspaper or a magazine type website, and I want to keep it, I bookmark it. Sadly, sometimes the articles disappear from the web, and my bookmark is a dead link. That's the breaks. I never had a good way to keep newspapers or magazines anyway.

I am so glad to be able to "own" (although that's a relative term) so many books that I don't have to worry about storing. My older brother, single again, has a four-bedroom house in the country overby Folsom, full of books, and he's always buying more, second-hand, at library sales and used bookstores. And buying bookshelves. He reads more than I do, but only because he can: He's retired.

To digress again, it's disturbing that a purchase of an ebook doesn't give me the same rights as if I had bought it on paper. It seems that this digital media rights software lets big brother, in certain circumstances that "they" define, not me) revoke my license to read a book that I've bought and paid for. Although I can lend a book that I bought on Amazon, it's only for two weeks at a time. What bothers me the most is that I can't re-sell it, trade it with somebody, or give it away as I could a book on paper. I totally respect an author's rights to her or his intellectual property, but I absolutely disagree with an author's asserting more rights to an ebook than to a paper book. I consider that the somewhat lower price I pay for a book in electronic form rather than on paper should reflect only the savings of not printing it on paper, and should not give me any less ownership than a paper book.

My main problem with relying on ebooks, other than missing the feel, look, and even smell of printed paper, is the recent TSA restriction on carrying onto an airplane any electronic device larger than a smart phone, on flights to the US originating in the part of the world where I work. I must check my tablet and laptops, personal and work, (scary but so far, knock wood, no problems), and bring some paper reading material for the flights home, which last about 27 hours door-to-door, or at least 24 hours on airplanes or in airports when reading is the only way to stay sane.

To sum up (finally!), I love the printed word on paper, but it's just not practical for me.

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 Post subject: Re: Food News: What Are YOUR Preferences?
New postPosted: November 15th, 2017, 2:09 pm 
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Your love of the printed word is evident by your willingness to type out such a detailed response with your thoughts. And I agree with both sides of your argument.

I no longer get the "paper copy" of the Reno Gazette & Journal delivered to my residence. I do get the "on line" copy. When I open it on my pc, I go to the photographed copy of the paper because I am familiar with it and know where everything is located, including puzzels and comics.

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 Post subject: Re: Food News: What Are YOUR Preferences?
New postPosted: November 15th, 2017, 9:37 pm 
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Quite interesting indeed, SharkysPal-- and thanks for the input.

In your post, something jumped out at me: Comics! The following are both direct personal experiences and my witnessing some etchings in the history of Dallas Newspapers: I loved the comics page-- some faves were, Tee-Hee, Heathcliff the -- meddlesome -- cat; Beatle Bailey; Marmaduke; Peanuts; The Katz and Jammer Kids, and Mr. Cleanout-the-fridge Dagwood Bumstead! Oh, the dude could make some kinda sammiches!

But I recall when I delivered newsp0pers, we used, during rainy days, those cellophane-ish sleeves for protection. On one occasion, I was chewed out with "Boy, you ain't doing your job right!" And that was from my mother. What did she know? And how?

Turns out that the rain on that day turned into a gully washer and water got into the sleeve. When the customer found the wet papers, she call my distributor who then call my mamma. The customers request for a resolution? She wanted, naturally, another paper, and mainly because the comics section was also wet!

Now, and do not take my word for this: First, When The Dallas Times Herald (now shuttered) dropped "Rosie" from it's strips, the switch board was off the hook with complaints. The strip was eventually reinstated.

That happened while I worked at The Dallas Morning News. Later, the competiveness for market share became downright 'It's them or us!'

Somehow, some comics were removed from The Herald as many Syndicates dropped The Harald and put its thumb-print comics with The News. The moved caused so many complaints at The Herald, that The Herald sued The News. The trial was held in Houston. Big money eats up small money, as "They" say: The Belo Corp, owner of many newspaper outputs, also owns many TV outlets, including New Orleans' WDSU,

BTW, The Herald, by then, seeing cash-on hand dwindling, had to shutter its doors. The main reason being that The Dallas Times Herald had lost far too many comic strips. Experienced and witnessed: I left The News and joined The Herald-- and worked there until it was shuttered

As an aside: I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Louisiana Cookin' magazine and the New Orleans Magazine as two other sources.

Ain't it funny that a battle over comics shuttered a major-newspaper voice?

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