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 Post subject: Essence Fest
New postPosted: June 30th, 2017, 11:42 pm 
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Does the Essence Festival, known as "the party with a purpose" have a positive impact or negative on the hospitality industry in the French Quarter?

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 Post subject: Re: Essence Fest
New postPosted: July 16th, 2017, 8:21 pm 
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Depends on to whom you pose that question. I knew of a guy who worked as a server in The French Quarter (at an eatery left unnamed) and he, not a Creole, but an African-American, said he'd save as many vacation days as possible to take time off during the Essence Fest...Former LA Gub'ner Blanco once hailed the Fest for its commitments to try and steer young women in a positive direction....I had a dear friend who once worked for Jet Magazine (now published on-line due to high, and rising, printing/mailing costs) told me that pre-Essence Fest, I knew of a Hip-Hop dude who was taken off the appearance list because of some charges of battery to his girlfriend. Apparently, that friend surmised, Essence took him off because of other complaints that were looming...ll I can say is that this gives another opportunity to re-wind about The City:

There is this man, known as Frankie Beverly who leads the group Maze: Featuring Frankie Beverly, love New Orleans so much that back some torn calendar year, he recorded a live double-records LP at New Orleans' Saenger Theater. The cat is sooooo popular that, without having dropped a single new tune in some 25 years, he still packs 'Em in wherever. And "wherever" includes New Orleans. One year, he cancelled a planned road trip so he could, for less money, play the Essence Fest.

I gotta be frank Unfortunately, it comes down to the color of Our skin, sadly but in reality.

Let me go further in this as food and music and food, plus printer's ink -- is my life blood. Some time ago, I made a check-up call to Liuzza's to see about Mr. Bordelon who'd been injured in an auto collision. He wasn't there; but his older brother was. After we spoke about some stuff, but I got busy: Said his brother was doing well; in a wheelchair, but had he wife at hand. H gave me his brother phone number, but when I called, he wasn't "there." Called back and spoke to his brother, who, BTW, has the first name of "Frank." I recall saying some opening lines from a dynomite cut from that album "You." And early into the song, Frankie sings 'Through hard times you've been my friend; through good and bad through thick and thin......"

The phone went silent; then Mr. Frank came back with, 'That song, that song you wuz singing, that song is one my brother liked. He liked, who again, that group you was singing on.'...Am asking for Waves, and prayers: Overby Liuzza's

As I sign off here, no, I don't have answers to your questions. And I do believe that Life's looks are in the eye of the beholder. But I must go back to your initial questions: I look forward to some answers more fashionable and point-on than mine.

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